Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kale Chips my first Raw food prep of 2011

Today is the first day past my 5- day water only fast. I took the first two days of this new year to transition from the water fast using organic raw fruit and veggie juice. I wanted to do 30-days of raw fruit and veggie juice but thought it would be better to let my body decide. As of today, my body unanimously chose the raw
food and fitness fun for 365 days (see my You Tube video). I made my first raw food dish of the new year and it was Kale Chips.

I also made my all-time favorite Savory Raw tomato soup and a wonderful berry smoothie! I felt so excited to make these dishes and found myself making videos to post on my 313HealthyMe YouTube channel. Amazingly, I haven’t had any desires to cook or eat anything outside of my raw food menu. I have been gathering some of my best recipes and finding new ones to try. I feel a sense of accomplishment and elevation from my former process of eating. If there was anything I could say to anyone who was looking into starting a raw food diet or just getting into a healthier way of living it would be….
  1. Put daily practices in place and hold true to them.
  2. Approach your daily life from the heart.
  3. Seek not to change others but be the reflection of them and change self.
  4. Always promote a positive position in place of one that is out of balance.
  5. Create a path ideal for you and be your own architect.
  6. Remain true to your path for life!
  7. Minimize monumental imbalances moment by moment.
These are seven of my prime promises that I live by daily. Developing a positive outlook in the face of less positive positions is a daily challenge and will create a stronger resolve!