Monday, January 10, 2011

A day of raw #10

Although today marks the tenth day of my 365 day Raw Journey, I am starting this blog with day number nine activities (because I didn't post yesterday...Eeek!). So Let me start out with the end of day number nine. I had a wonderful Raw soup and Salad with a Raw homemade dressing.

I video taped the preparation of the entire meal so you will be able to view it on my 313HealthyMe You Tube channel. The RAW soup actually started out as two different types of dips! One was a somewhat ranch tasting dip that doubled as a salad dressing at times just by adding filtered water or EVOO. The other dip was a wonderful cheesy dip that could also be made into a cheese cracker reminiscent of cheez-it snack crackers. When I make dips/sauces/dressings, I always take the last little bit and make a soup or cracker with it. Today I had enough left for more of the dip but I was getting bored with the same flavors and decided to make a soup and Ooooooh, what a wonderful decision I made (lol). Take a closer look at this soup and tell me if it makes you just want to grab a spoon and dig in with me (lol).
Now the mushrooms were marinated with a delicious fresh/raw marinate that I created. You will be able to take a look at the You Tube video in two days from now (lol, I'm a bit slow today). After the marinate, the mushrooms take on a meaty consistency and the soup flavor gives your taste buds a real treat with such a smooth texture. The sweet onions and freshly chopped dill weed are two more exciting flavors that you might not have expected to find in a RAW soup all at once. There is also a hint of fresh garlic that is oh so sublime to the palate. The actual soup recipe is red bell pepper
macadamia nuts
extra virgin olive oil

It was inspired by a cheese sauce/cracker recipe discussed on  The Raw Food World episode #292 on You Tube. I don't believe they actually listed the ingredients but more like discussed them with the creator of the recipe. I tasted the soup as I made it to get just the right taste for my palate. Another flavor that is in my soup is a dip/dressing that I made with

sunflower seeds
fresh lemon juice
chilled filtered water
sea salt
onion granuals (or powder)
dill weed
black pepper

It was inspired by Raw Dawg Rory's (aka xmantidx) Raw Sunflower Seed Ranch Dressing on You Tube. I always make this ranch dressing for my salad and when I get bored with it or run out of lettuce (lol) I turn it into a soup or in this case an ingredient for a soup.

The salad was a wonderful precursor to this wonderful dish. It boasts greens that are "butter soft" to the touch and almost melt on the tongue. It's labeled Red Leaf lettuce and gives wonderful color to the dish. In addition, the Swiss Chard leafy green gave an unexpected and delightful flavor to the salad. It was the red variety of Swiss Chard and worked wonderfully with the salad medley. Take a look up close and let me know how your eye perceive the taste to be (lol).

To wash this delightfully RAW meal down I couldn't do anything more than cool refreshing crystal clear filtered water (lol). Not because of a lack of ingredients but because I couldn't think of a fresh juice or smoothie that would compliment this incredible meal. Therefore, I opted to forgo a wonderful smoothies and utilize the benefits of fresh tasting and oh so good for you water. It made the entire meal a pleasant experience and nothing was out of place or overdone. My favorite ingredient from the salad was the seedless cucumbers. From the soup it has to be the flavorful red bell pepper that was used in the original form of the cheesy sauce. For the salad dressing my favorite ingredient is the Hemp Oil by far! I only wish that I had made more because I can honestly say, this is one recipe that I will definitely make again, and again! Thanks for reading come back tomorrow to see what I made for my meal.