Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye S.a.d. diet Hello Raw Food!

Today is my last day on the standard american diet (S.A.D.). It feels as if I am going cold turkey however, I have been planning to do this for the better part of 2013. I have even done a couple of jump starts. Today, I feel ready to immerse myself in a raw food frenzy and really appreciate what I will be doing for my body. I had a few cravings I felt a need to satisfy prior to beginning my raw food journey for 2014. The following is a list of foods that I had to be sure I experienced for the final time.

  • M & M plain
  • potato chips (various flavors and brands)
  • beans with smoked turkey (great northern)
  • wing dings (homemade hot and spicy, homemade BBQ)
  • chili (homemade)
  • chili fries (homemade)
  • chili cheese fries (homemade)
  • macaroni and cheese (homemade)
  • collard greens with smoked turkey
  • Banana Pudding (homemade)
  • Coke
  • Mountain Dew
  • feta cheese
  • french fries (homemade)
I wanted to taste all of the foods I listed above so that I could tell myself how familiar I am with the flavors whenever I felt I would get a craving for them. I could also tell myself that I have had all or most of those foods so often that I should adopt a raw food "goody" to replace them when the time comes.

I am pretty anxious to find out what raw food dishes I become drawn to and which fruits and veggies become my favs.

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, November 23, 2013

100 days of Food and Fitness

"Ada-Caan-Nae!" (Greetings to all)
I am about to organize 100 days of healthy food and reasonable fitness. I want to invite anyone who feels in a positive mood to join in with any comments and/or experiences they may have had in similar endeavors. My reason is to stimulate a more balanced outlook toward what I consume vs. what my body actually needs on a regular basis in order to work properly and keep stress, tension, and disease, at an all-time low in my life. For the next couple of months, I will gather information, recipes, and ideas that will help me when I begin my journey at the start of the new year (2014). So please add my blog to your favorites and +1 my page on Google. Here is my blogger page as well as my Google page

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Doctors: 2C or not 2C

When it comes to making a decision to visit your doctor, what are the factors that you consider the most? Keep your answer in mind as you take a look at this video It is unbelievable the amount of "Dis"-information we have been fed in the name of profit and power.