Friday, January 31, 2014

Day # 31 Raw Food Journey 2014

Raw meal
Today is Day #31 in my Raw Food Journey 2014. I have been experimenting with different flavors for soups and have found one that's pretty delicious. It uses tomatillo
and Garlic. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the soup as I have been experiencing difficulties uploading my pics to this blog. I will continue to work on getting this solved because the pics are very helpful in helping to describe my Raw meals. For the time being, I will load random pics of raw meals that I have eaten over the past month since beginning my journey. Hope you enjoy.

Raw vegan tacos
vegan burger mix
I used the Falafil mix for the veggie burger to add to the vegan tacos. This has to be cooked so it is the only part of the meal that wasn't raw. Very delicious.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day #22 Raw food Journey 2014

I made a new dish today and it was pretty tasty. I like the tangy, bitter, sour, flavors the most and this one had plenty of that. I was like a cold slaw but there were no sweet tastes and I only shredded a small amount of cabbage with shredded carrots thinly sliced red bell peppers and jalapenos. I took a picture of it but for some reason I am not able to upload from my cell phone anymore (S.N.A.F.U). I will continue to try but until then, keep a watchful eye out for my Raw Food videos.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day #19 Raw Food Journey 2014

Today is day #19 in my 2014 Raw food journey and I made "mock" raw tacos with orange slices and cucumbers on the side. I also made a spicy dressing to pour over the tacos. Each taco consisted of marinated mushrooms, kosher pickles, shredded carrots, sliced tomato and alfalfa sprouts. I also made a smoothie to drink with my meal. The smoothie was made with fresh mango, banana, black berries, and orange juice.
Check out a few pics I took during the preparation.

Ingredients for "mock" raw tacos:
romaine lettuce
alfalfa sprouts
marinated mushrooms
Kosher pickles

Preparing the "mock" raw tacos. All ingredients are raw with the exception of the pickles. The alfalfa sprouts were sprouted in my kitchen and took approx. 5 days to complete. That's from soaking the seeds to having them ready for eating or juicing. Not too bad when you consider that finding them in a grocery story right now would cost you a small fortune and even then, you cannot be sure how fresh they really are when you purchase them at your local grocery store.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day #12 Raw Food and Fitness Journey 2014

Day #11 Raw Food Journey 2014

On day #11 I really wanted to create a wonderful tasting dessert but did not have all the ingredients. I also wished that I had already completed several more days of the journey. I will continue on and keep posting. One day I will look back at this blog and think how easy things have become.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Day #10 Raw Food Journey 2014

On Day #10 of my Raw Food Journey, I made a mock pasta salad. It had chopped cucumbers, shredded carrots chopped tomatoes, and spiralized zucchini. I had a raw nut mix for a snack and the last of my raw soup for lunch. I used my raw salad dressing to pour over the top of the pasta salad.

Day #8 Raw Food Journey 2014

On Day #8 of my raw journey I also began my first day back to school. For breakfast I had a smoothie. For lunch I had an apple. I snacked on some #raw treats that I had completed a couple of days ago. For dinner I had a salad with carrots, roman lettuce, and cukes. I almost didn't want to eat because things were so busy. I thought it was best that I did eat something or else later that evening I would regret it.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day #9 Raw Food Journey 2014

Today is the 9th day of my Raw food journey and I feel as if I am almost fully adjusted to eating this way. I had a dream the other night that I took a bite of a Cheese burger and then threw it against a white wall when I realized I had broken my raw food pact (lol). I am so focussed on seeing the results that I don't dare make any changes right now. I ate a banana for breakfast and an apple for lunch. I am having a raw soup and raw crackers for dinner. If I get hungry later, I will have a salad. I am going g to the gym tonight with my trainer (Husband) to work on conditioning.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kale Chips | Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.

Kale chips are an amazingly tasty treat. I make them a lot but I haven't added such tasty looking ingredients as seen in the video below. I will have to try this.  I add them to soups and salads (see pic). I also snack on these and sneak them into the movies instead of eating the overly salted popcorn.

Day #7 Raw Food Journey 2014

Today is day #7 in my #raw food journey. I went to the gym and did one hour and 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine. The plan is to return tonight and do the strength training/toning portion. I also prepared some zucchini for a meal later this week. I spiralized it and sprinkled it with salt to make the noodles softer.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Day #6 Raw Food Journey 2014

Today is day #6 and I completed the #raw food snack that I was making for my midnight snacks. I had a smoothie for morning meal then spiralized yellow squash for lunch. Tonight's dinner is salad with my raw dressing and raw bread sandwich with raw condiments. No cravings today but that could be due to my raw nut snacks and fresh fruit I ate throughout the day.

Day #5 Raw Food Journey 2014

Midnight snack: Fresh Veggies and homemade raw mustard and garlic dip. The veggies are carrots, cucumbers, and celery

Day #4 Rawfood Journey 2014

On this day I worked out at the gym using weights on upper body (shoulders and back). I was able to eat dome of the food from the meals I pre-fixed the day before. I look forward to pulling out some of my #cookbooks and making some gourmet #raw food meals and deserts.

Day #3 Raw Food Journey 2014

During my 3rd day of this #raw food journey, I prep'd a few meals for easier meal time. I wasn't hungry for most of the day but at night, the munchies hit me! (lol).

Friday, January 3, 2014

Day #2 Raw food journey 2014

This picture was taken on day #2 of my raw food journey in 2014, this was my dinner. I created a video showing how I made each dish and it will be available on YT. I didn't have any cravings on this day and really felt good throughout the entire day. I am looking forward to doing a fresh fruit and veggie haul at our local farmers market so I can organize my menu and create some seriously delicious raw snacks, crackers, dips, and main dishes.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day #1 Raw Food 2014

Day #1 of my 100 day raw food and fitness journey began this morning at 12am. I had a large green smoothie for breakfast and some kale chips. For lunch I had a green salad with a very tasty dressing that I made (see below for list of ingredients). I also had some more kale chips and a glass of filtered water. I spiralized some yellow squash for my dinner this evening. I will have this with a tomato sauce that I will make with tomato's, evoo, dried basil, and fresh squeezed lemon. At the moment, I have a slight headache but no cravings. I wonder how I will deal with snacks once I get tired of eating kale chips (lol). I like eating fresh fruit but find that I sometimes get burned out on the few pieces of fruit that are available in my area during the winter months. I have a couple of raw food recipe books but it seems like they are so difficult to create. I look forward to the warmer climate for the variety.

Salad dressing ingredients

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • balsamic vinagar
  • Braggs liquid aminos
  • Italian spices
  • Fresh Garlic (1 clove) minced
  • Fresh Ginger (small piece) minced