Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The end of a 21-day Raw Transformation

I completed the 21 day transformation with the good folks over at live well now on Face Book. I don't know where the time went but I certainly enjoyed every day. Today, I have been getting things ready for the tax accountant and hubby "got my six" on this venture...hahaha We always make fun out of things like this and look forward to miracles to happen.
Anjii B Nov. 2010

I have also been doing some research on improving my internet exposure. I have some great ideas and look forward to sharing them with everyone. I am marinating some cauliflower and hope to have it done in a couple of days. I didn't take any pics yet but will be sure to make them when I finish the first steps. I also made some egg plant from a recipe I heard on the raw food world channel on you tube. For some reason, none of the recipes I have followed from them seem to turn out tasty. I think maybe I need to add some of my own familiar ingredients. The egg plant was bitter and I am not sure why Angela Stokes-Monarch mentioned that it was reminiscent of bacon??? I don't eat bacon and haven't in a very long time. When I ate meat I only ate turkey bacon and this dish didn't taste anything like it. Not even in the ball park. Don't think I will rely on any recipes from them any longer but I will certainly continue searching the you tube videos for more inspirations and raw food guru channels.

That's it from me for now, thanks for reading ....hasta maƱana!