Friday, January 15, 2010

006-The Healthy “Limits” of everyday eating

What kinds of limits do you place on yourself when it comes to the things that you eat every day? Are these limits healthy in any way or do they pose a threat to an otherwise ok eating pattern? A few months ago, I came to know someone on the internet who made me think about this topic. This person's spirit "Soars" like that of a wild Albatross  unaware that it is endangered. The only reason I make this statement is because no matter how difficult this person's daily "limits" become, there is still time to give support, encouragement, suggestions, etc. to any and all accepting of it. Our limits can indeed help us reach established goals for ourselves. They act as a framework to hold together a sturdy construction of self gratitude, sensitivity, and determination. All of which is needed to remain strong throughout your journey towards greater health.

I have developed some limits of my own and constantly revisit them to make adjustments and augmentations if necessary. Basically, my limits reflect a need to reduce needless consumption and introduce substantial increases in nutrient dense foods. I felt it necessary to establish these limits so that I can build better habits that may lead to greater health for me over the long haul. So far, it has worked very well and I continue to make necessary changes whenever needed. One of the surprising effects of my healthy limits was an increase in energy levels!!! Who would have thought that limiting myself would increase energy? Well, it did. So much so, that I had to relax the limits for a couple of (consecutive) days so that my increased energy would slowly dissipate and my body could return to it's normal pattern.

I was a bit hesitant when I thought of making these limits because there is such a chance that I might become fanatical about it and soon find a growing obsession with the limits themselves and not focusing on the reasons they were created in the first place. I believe my "e-friend" (mentioned in the first paragraph), could give a much more thorough glimpse into what happens when limits grow and become unmanageable. I make this statement based on information my e-friend has provided about his journeys' through limits.

It's challenging and fiercely dominating of daily practices. The limits placed must be realistic enough to convince you that they are worth adhering to. They must also inspire you to overcome obstacles that you may stumble upon. Think about your limits and adjust them if you feel the need to. If you have no limits, then make one for yourself. The effects will be outstandingly substantial.


  1. Your article on LIMITS is beautiful. You are an amazing writer, I picked that up from other blog entries but this one really is great. Thank you for mentioning me. Feel free to add my name or remain anon if you want, either way it sounds really good... such a great topic. I bookmarked the page! Hugs, thank you for your kind and direct words, very though provoking. Ps. I left this on your channel comments too since I just realized I could comment here after posting over there! Love to you beautiful one!


    I am honored that you have come and love, love, love your added permission to use your name sweety. I also want to link your webpage if that's ok. I have future ideas to develop this area of information on eating and hope you will be an integral part of this in some way. (((HUGS)))

  3. Please do my friend! I am honored! God bless you, so glad He brought us together!

  4. Checking in on you and your fabulous blog, such a good topic even if read before - always nice to read again.