Tuesday, May 11, 2010

010 - Revolution in Raw

Sometimes I wonder if keeping such a watchful eye on my diet is even worth the effort. Not that I no longer enjoy eating and living a raw food lifestyle but there are so many factors that affect the actual diet. For example: I believe I am eating raw when I make a "mock" tuna dish but when I find out that the nuts I used to make the raw dish have been processed (i.e. heated or cooked) then I realize that the meal isn't as raw as originally thought. Does this make any sense? I don't want to be misleading nor do I make a practice of lying to myself or others. I have found so many inconsistencies in the raw food diet that I have had to come to a decision. There has to be some sort of method that would allow for the incorporation of foods that come to the consumer via processing or heating to some degree. This has to be allowed without excluding those who use them from the raw food community. I have decided to enjoy the title of raw foodist by allowing approx. 25% of any meal I eat to be other than raw. This will ensure that the things I eat have a majority category of raw food.

So there it is my newest revolution in raw food. Make 75% of everything you eat RAW and that way you don't lose yourself in the minutiae of raw diets.


  1. Good way of looking at things. I totally agree!

  2. Yeah, I was beginning to become puzzled and question if there was a way to do raw without lying about the proportion of foods that can only be purchased processed. Everyone knows this and there should be some allowance for it. So yeah, thanks for your comment Evelyn!