Sunday, May 29, 2011

Forks over knives Movie

My husband and I just went to see this movie and it was one of the best! We thoroughly enjoyed the movie and wanted to tell everyone about it. Unfortunately, no one we know was interested in seeing it when we went. We are hoping that they will check the movie out on their own. If you haven't seen it in your area then please go see it as soon as you get the chance.


  1. I saw it a few weeks ago here in Pasadena, CA. Love, love, loved it too!!! I will be buying it for my permanent collection. Appreciate your site!

  2. GREAT! I was so pleased when it came to our city. Usually, movies like this one are never close enough to my town and I end up waiting for the DVD. I will still purchase the DVD very soon to also add it to my collection as you mentioned. Thanks for your comment on my blog =)

  3. My brother and I saw this movie almost 2 years ago. He and I at that time was just discovering the benefits of the Raw Vegan Lifestyle.

    For me the movie was life changing.

    1. I can relate to that. It was one of the most eye opening and informative movies my husband and I had seen that year.