Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day #19 Raw Food Journey 2014

Today is day #19 in my 2014 Raw food journey and I made "mock" raw tacos with orange slices and cucumbers on the side. I also made a spicy dressing to pour over the tacos. Each taco consisted of marinated mushrooms, kosher pickles, shredded carrots, sliced tomato and alfalfa sprouts. I also made a smoothie to drink with my meal. The smoothie was made with fresh mango, banana, black berries, and orange juice.
Check out a few pics I took during the preparation.

Ingredients for "mock" raw tacos:
romaine lettuce
alfalfa sprouts
marinated mushrooms
Kosher pickles

Preparing the "mock" raw tacos. All ingredients are raw with the exception of the pickles. The alfalfa sprouts were sprouted in my kitchen and took approx. 5 days to complete. That's from soaking the seeds to having them ready for eating or juicing. Not too bad when you consider that finding them in a grocery story right now would cost you a small fortune and even then, you cannot be sure how fresh they really are when you purchase them at your local grocery store.

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