Friday, January 3, 2014

Day #2 Raw food journey 2014

This picture was taken on day #2 of my raw food journey in 2014, this was my dinner. I created a video showing how I made each dish and it will be available on YT. I didn't have any cravings on this day and really felt good throughout the entire day. I am looking forward to doing a fresh fruit and veggie haul at our local farmers market so I can organize my menu and create some seriously delicious raw snacks, crackers, dips, and main dishes.


  1. Is there a video yet? I would really like to join you on this journey. Should I fast for a certain period before I begin? I saw your video on Sea Moss and I thought I should start there.

    1. HI Theresa, I do have video footage but unfortunately have not been able to find the time to edit and make viewable (sorry). I would love to have you join the journey and please feel free to begin where ever you feel most encouraged. The Sea Moss is as good a place as any. I wouldn't recommend fasting to anyone unless they have been sucessful in the past and are pretty "well-versed" on how to safely execute and terminate a fast. It is very easy to do yourself more harm than good if you have not done any research and given yourself a chance to begin slowly (starting with a morning ONLY fast, then progressing to a full 24hrs). You would have to slowly acclimate your digestive system to a fast but once you have been successful it becomes such a wonderful way to give your digestive system a restful period to refine its processing and distribution of nutrients.