Friday, January 31, 2014

Day # 31 Raw Food Journey 2014

Raw meal
Today is Day #31 in my Raw Food Journey 2014. I have been experimenting with different flavors for soups and have found one that's pretty delicious. It uses tomatillo
and Garlic. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the soup as I have been experiencing difficulties uploading my pics to this blog. I will continue to work on getting this solved because the pics are very helpful in helping to describe my Raw meals. For the time being, I will load random pics of raw meals that I have eaten over the past month since beginning my journey. Hope you enjoy.

Raw vegan tacos
vegan burger mix
I used the Falafil mix for the veggie burger to add to the vegan tacos. This has to be cooked so it is the only part of the meal that wasn't raw. Very delicious.


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    1. Adjusted! I actually lost a total of 5 pound during this first month and I am really enjoying the "empty" feeling in my stomach after the food has digested. I don't feel like a walking garbage can (as I did just eating the Standard American Diet a.k.a S.A.D diet). I need to also say that the feeling I get when I exercise is pretty great as well. Lots of energy. Thanks for your post.