Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Are we to judgmental? (002)

I began my raw food journey almost one year ago. During that period, I made many discoveries related to the way I eat and exercise. Through my journey I also discovered a remedy for a health condition I was dealing with. None of this is breaking news but there is something that deserves acknowledgment. I stopped consuming a diet rich in dead nutrients. Heck, I'm not even sure if those two words should ever be used in the same sentence (lol). I would eat a meal and get physically full but never actually feel satiated. I was never really sure if I was getting all the vitamins and nutrients that I should have been getting from the foods I ate. Oh wait, that's not all together true (hahah). I was absolutely sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that I got ALL THE FAT CONTENT that each food choice had to offer. This was proven and evident in my out of control weight gain and inability to fit into any of the clothes in my closet. So yeah, I got something out of my previous diet all right.

After completing my very first 100 day raw food and fitness journey, I compared the results with previous data I had from my nurse practitioner. Without going off on a tangent here let me just say the results were nothing that medical science would have expected! All things positive and no negatives. One day I was having a conversation with Julie Hoffenberg and Sarah Woodward (authors of "The raw healing patch" cookbook) about my results and Julie mentioned that my situation was a good example of why she and Sarah don't make a practice of telling people what is good for them or what is bad for them. Our conversation went on and in the end I was left with the idea that making a change that leads you to a better point in life is always good.

Recently, I communicated with an e-friend of mine regarding a situation she was having with negativity as it relates to her dietary choices. I could tell just by the tone of her email that this was a topic that weighed heavy on her mind. After hearing about this ordeal, I began to think...

"Most people feel strongly that their belief is correct and appropriate for everyone; regardless of a person's history, current condition, belief systems, morals, etc."

I know that there are some who do not subscribe to this system of belief. I for one do NOT feel that my standards of living, belief systems, personal history, etc is in anyway a foundation for others to live by. I do, however, recognize where this might come from. You see, in order for a person to have a belief; they must first accept this belief as true and basic reality. Kind of like erecting a high-rise building. The foundation must be the basic reliable force to the rest of its structure. That belief allows them to build the structural framework that will support their way of life. When that belief is challenged the framework becomes questionable. This gives rise to doubt and everyone knows what doubt promotes.....weakness!

We should all exercise a bit of caution when telling someone else what is good or bad for them to consume. If a person used processed sugar (the white table sugar) for most of their life then began to look for something a little better for them, then that is a step in the right direction. Sometimes it takes time to arrive at the point in life where you are comfortable with your choices. I don't think anyone can categorize another person's choices. Instead, invite that person to talk to you about their individual journey and give support each time you hear them conquer defeat. This would help them much more in their journey and in their life.

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  1. I like the new blogs... :) Just saw today that you had a link to them. hope you are having fun writing! I love doing ours! speaking of which, time for a new one. Anyway, this post is important. We cannot use one set of rules to then tell people they must live by or else they will never be healthy. People get into judgement and perfection, they begin preaching, and that helps no one. We should encourage, enlighten, help, offer suggestion, but certainly not judge, espencially those people who are moving in the right direction (even though they may not be perfect...they are still moving in the right direction. Okay, off to bed...later, ang! :)