Saturday, December 26, 2009

That’s NOT raw!?! (003)

How many times have you announced that you are making a lifestyle change, going on a diet, starting a new fitness workout, etc. only to find that you become a "target!" This isn't anything new or mind blowing it's just that every time people find out that someone is upgrading themselves on any level, instead of trying to join in or give support they immediately look for ways to either sabotage or dictate how that person should proceed with their choices.

I recently made a decision to GO-RAW as a way of life and I have a strange feeling that I am setting myself up for all the "haters" out there to voice their unwanted opinions. I made the announcement on one of my YouTube videos but prior to this, I had completed two 100-day raw food journeys' just to get a feel for how things would be living as a raw vegan. During my 100 day journey's I was being constantly reminded by friends and family that some of my food choices were NOT within the raw "realm"....hahaha. It amazed me in the beginning because none of them were even remotely considering being a raw vegan so I wouldn't have thought they would care enough to even voice an opinion. I soon became over whelmed with hints, suggestions, information, judgments, prejudices, etc. all because I made a decision to eat raw food. After getting over my initial "shock" at how many people in my life were being affected by my personal choice to be raw vegan, I began to get a little annoyed by the constant reminders about what I could or could not eat because I made a decision not to eat cooked food. This feeling didn't last too long because I had way too much to focus on with just being raw. Today, I am at a point in my chosen lifestyle where I can focus on my way of life and appreciate the affect it has on others. Even those who are a bit overly boisterous about it (lol). I will go into the coming New Year with an entirely upgraded appreciation for lifestyle changes and understanding of just how difficult it is to set out on a new path.

If I can take any lessons from my prelude to being raw, it is that everything you do, say, feel, believe in, etc. has an effect on someone. That effect is not always bad and not always good. It is what it effect. Knowing this, gives me even more drive to live my life as a raw foodist because I know it is right for me and I have the strength and a healthy constitution with which to see it through to the end.


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