Monday, December 28, 2009

My Raw Vegan Journey (005)

I have had some very good experiences in my 2009 raw food journeys. These are a few of the pics from my creations. This one is RAW stuffed tomatos. They have a walnut pate’ inside with celery, mushrooms, and tomato. The sauce: savory RAW honey mustard.
I looked back at some of the videos I made during the first two weeks of my raw food journey and the one thing that really burned brightly in my mind was how processed foods have been packaged and delivered to our grocery stores in such a way as to allow us to selectively forget their origins

This is one of my favorite RAW soups. I have acquired a couple more since I made this one but it was very tastey and I enjoyed preparing it as well.
Eating raw food is one way to invest in your healthy future and it also helps you to understand how addictions are formed and what it takes to disolve them. Food can be an addiction to some. It can be a companion and a therapist. What we need to remember as human beings is that food is what we consume in order to live on this planet and in these bodies. What’s your choice? Do you Eat to live or Live to eat?

Raw tuna taco’s is what these can be called. Of course, it isn’t really tuna at all but a “mock” version. The only item that takes this dish outside of the raw realm is the pickles I used to “zest” up the flavor.
Stepping outside of a raw food diet can be a good decision if you ever find yourself torn between a strong desire to eat cooked food and strong sense that raw food is better for you. This is a situation I found myself in a couple of times during my initial experience with raw food. The best idea I could come up with was to eat the desired meal and get it out of my way. Once that craving  was satisfied then all future cravings became easier and easier to deal with.

One of my salads. This was an easy one as is the case with most salads. I almost always use romain lettuce and sometimes I add baby spinach and some kale. This is a quick salad that can be eaten throughout the day.
In my early days of eating raw I found it easier to make a large (family sized) bowl of salad and create several different raw salad dressings. I could just grab a bowl of salad as often as I needed to.

Spiralized butternut squash with carrots, tomato, and black olives. On top, there is a creamy kale salad topped with raw almonds and sweet onions. I added some pineapple for garnish.
For my initial RAW menu’s I allowed a couple of items that were not totally raw. Black olives were one. I didn’t have them often but every now and then I used them if they were in the fridge.

This is a picture of some crackers I made just before they went into the dehydrator. They didn’t keep the coloring you see here. Instead, they turned a darker brown and the flavor was great for a raw cracker.

Raw crackers took some time to master. I failed miserably when I tried to make them in the beginning. With more practice I was able to create a cracker that was acceptable to my palate...ahaha.

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