Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Tumultuous journey ahead (006)

Forward I wander with processed foods at my six and organically influenced agriculture on the horizon. I am armed with a sense of origin and a newly grown appreciation for other life forms who also call this planet home. Less than perfect dietary practices and a nasty little, invasive flu virus plagued my once uneventful life where from I've come to realize something wonderful!

I never really thought much about the choices that I have to make on a daily basis. From the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night there seems to be a choice waiting to be made each moment of each day. The food I eat is no different. If I had given this topic any thought at all just one year ago then I wouldn't have been able to say the same thing. Now that I have learned about processed foods and what I miss out on when I eat them, I can really train my thoughts on avoiding them as much as possible. Processed foods are not the only choice that I have to make on a daily basis. There's organic vs. inorganic produce as well as grocery store vs. farmers market.

Whenever I have made a decision to change something in my life, I have always had to deal with certain adjustments. Going from being a quasi-(lacto) vegetarian to leading a raw vegan lifestyle has got to be the greatest undertaking in my life so far. This is the reason I have titled this blog "The Tumultuous journey ahead." Not that there will be obstacles ahead or violent upheaval but I can foresee reoccurring turbulence with regards to health-minded menu planning and maybe even some enigmatic revelations about foods that I once considered a "healthy choice." I look forward to these challenges because they will one day be at my "six" and I walk along the path less traveled. I look forward to each new sun and wonder what the day's new beginnings will yield. I look forward to watching others join me in the quest for a better more vibrant life and a return to the natural practices that gave us strong bodies and put the aging process in "near" retrograde.

Being an individual who makes choices to eat living foods in a reasonable fashion is what my new lifestyle will encompass. I welcome this brave new way of life.

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