Saturday, January 2, 2010

002- I Peak into the future of 2010

I just finished putting together a video of meals I made during my raw food journeys in 2009 and it made me think. I began to relive all the feelings I had when I was at the various stages of raw veganism and I could clearly remember the levels of difficulty as well as the seemingly easy choices when it came to certain foods. Now I sit and wonder what I will become in the months ahead. Will I transform into a very radical advocate of living food who preaches to everyone about the goodness and vibrant life they can live if only they could stop eating cooked food. Will I become introverted and withdrawn due in part to the lack of association with those who are also leading a life "less cooked." Hahaha, well I certainly hope that doesn't become the case. In fact, I would much rather continue to grow my Raw Vegan Lifestyle like a delicate experiment nestled in a warm Petri dish. I know that there will be tough times and easy ones as well. I look forward to the day when I can let the emphasis on food relax and advance in other areas of my life. For now, I need that emphasis because it's one area in life that has been systematically removed from most of us. Our food consumption has been "out of our control" as humans for quite some time. Since I have made a conscious and deliberate action to reclaim that duty, I can feel the sometimes intolerable nudge to return to old habits. For example, instead of preparing my meals ahead of time (or partially), I have made decisions (in the past) to just grab whatever was pre-made (processed). This only led to more of the same and that process snowballed until I just didn't think about it as much any longer. Being on the raw food journey was one of the ways I could be sure to bring myself out of this slumber and actively participate in the selection of my whole living foods!

So, what about the future of 2010? It's a blank canvas awaiting my selection of pigments. My first and most important decision will be...."What colors do I want to mix that will result in success, fortitude, and fixity of purpose!"


  1. Pleeease don't become a radical advocate!!lol. Just take your time & learn as much as you can bc there is an abundance of information out there & different ways of eating that create a healthy body. I'm personally fascinated by the diets of other cultures. Many of these diets are considered high in saturated fat according to Amercian standards but the people are in better health than us, why is that? There are professional athletes that aren't vegetarians but are in excellent health, why is that? America is so fixated on diet that many ignore the need for exercise which works to regulate the bodies many functions.

    There is so much to learn about the human body & how it assimilates food & chemicals (medication). One thing I do know is that we are all different & what may be a cure for one person may cause death to another.

  2. I must agree entirely and I have NO plans of becoming radical as a matter of fact, I have really began to embrace this new way of living in such a way that promotes my bodies good health instead of depleting it. I love your comment and if you ever decide to become un-anonymous then let me know where you are on the internet so I can support you too!

  3. You can find anonymous @ Mattiedora2 on utube =)