Tuesday, August 10, 2010

013 - Juice feasting and a different state of mind

It has occurred to me that when I take myself off the regular diet and journey down the road less traveled (drink raw juices and smoothies for a month), I began to feel differently about a lot of things. I go through a period of awakening and feel as if my eyes opened and my field of vision increased beyond what is normal. Today marked my sixth day on a thirty day quest to improve my overall well being through juicing and smoothie feasting. It works wonders. Like taking a wonderful vacation without ever really leaving. After the initial "shock" to my system, I love the way I feel and how I view things and wish to always eat like this. I broke my feast on the weekend to add a dinner meal and immediately noticed how quickly my mind returned to its normal state of being. I am very interested in seeing just how quickly I can return to my new found utopia when the weeks continue. (watch the video here)

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