Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day #3 of 5 days of water

This is Wednesday which marks day number three of a five day water fast I am participating in. I haven't had any cravings and my energy levels are great. No headaches and no bad mood swings. For the most part, I am finding time to focus on getting things done that I have been wanting to do. My family is very supportive and hubby is doing all the cooking (hoorayyyyyy). Last night, while the fam had dinner (beef stew with rice compliments of the greatest husband in the universe) I sat in my bedroom and did my pedicure, updated a blog, organized some online stuff and watched some you tubers talk about cleaning makeup brushes (lol). Funny how the nothing-ness of things really seem to add to a level of relaxation. Fasting is great and I am looking forward to finding ways to continue this. Maybe it can become my prelude to 365 days of raw food and fitness fun! I'll keep you posted so stay tuned.


  1. Angelia--

    I just posted to your FB page. I am feeling alive and YES, we will continue on this rejuvenating journey for THIS is ONLY the beginning. From day 5, moving into JUICES, which is advisable, then onto raw fruits and veggies...HOW DOES THIS SOUND?

    Renewing, cleansing, and revamping our universe within in 2010 into 2011 and FOR LIFE! Love u!

  2. Heyyyyy Sis! So excited about your Sweet Health 4 Life 5 day water fast. Thank you so very much for posting to my blog about it. I just read your comments on my Face Book page so yeah! I get more and more excited with each new sun!