Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Day of Raw #08

Today is day number 8 in my 365 day raw food and fitness fun daze craze and I am as excited as I was during my 7 day water fast. I prepared some mushrooms for a recipe I am going to be making in the coming days. The mushrooms had to marinate in the fridge. I used some apple cider vineger and  some nama shoyu. To add a bit of sweet flavor I used some raw coconut sap. I had a salad for lunch today and a smoothie for breakfast. I was reading through an email from a long time friend of mine and she mentioned getting older and getting flabby in the same sentance. I totally understand what she means and have experienced this myself. I pointed her attention toward my 313HealthyMe video channel on YouTube. I told her to check it out and see what I did to lose weight and get healthy.
Chunky Garden Salad smothered with RAW G'Ranch dressing
Last night, I ate a wonderful salad for dinner. It had grape tomatoes, cucumber, romain lettuce, tabbouleh salad and freshly chopped onions as a garnish. I sprinkled the top with some seasalt and pepper. The dressing is something I made a few days ago and it has raw sunflower seeds that had been soaked, dried dill, hemp oil, seasalt, and filtered water. I have made a variation of this raw salad dressing in the past and love it. I make it quite often so I didn't video tape it this time. On my video channel it is searchable and I believe I called it raw ranch dressing. The salad was quite good and I made it chunky with the garden veggies.
For a light snack today, I had a berrysmoothie. This one is alot like the green smoothie pictured here but it has spinach added and no frozen berries. I drank this Green smoothie with my salad and together it made a very filling meal. The smoothie had some orange juice in it and spinach, banana, dates, and fresh papaya.
I woke up today earlier than I exspected to. I didn't feel sleepy or tired in anyway and throughout the day I didn't feel as if I needed to rest. I have been thinking about the summer months and hope that we have a good summer full of fun and outdoor activities. We'll see what the weather brings.

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