Friday, January 7, 2011

A Day of Raw #7

Today I participated in a "call-in" for people who are participating in a 21-day Raw Food Challenge. This is being organized by the good folks over at Living Well Now. It was a great conversation and very informative. I took notes and posted them on my discussion board over at my 313HealthyMe Face Book page. I will post a few excepts from my discussion board in just a minute. For now, let's talk about my DAY #7 today marks that day and it feels great. I haven't had any adverse feelings or affects from eating the raw food. I didn't expect that I would but you never really know. I started my day with a nice smoothie. It was a nutritious green smoothie made with dates, banana, oranges, pear, and spinach. I always make enough for my family because they love the taste and they look forward to my smoothies. So every time I make my morning smoothie I always make enough for five people to have a tall glass. Later in the day I enjoyed  a snack that I made with  raisins, apples, sunflower seeds, and honey. This is a quick treat that satisfies hunger and provides various levels of nutrition.

Well, as promised, I thought to share an excerpt from my discussion board and here it is:

I am listening to a call in conference with the folks over at livewellnow. The number of rebirth is 21 is what Christopher says. He is very excited and energetic in his delivery. Brandi Rollins is the author of Raw Foods on a Budget and she talked about chapters 2 - 3 of her book. She provided a free download of these chapters available from her website

Buy what you need and eat all you have is what she says. When you get down to a few little ingredients you become really creative. These are some strategies that she outlines in her book.

Eat in season is another tip that she has for raw foodist.The food that is in season is cheaper than the food that isn't in season. "Season" food is food in your current environment and it is fresher.

She created a menu plan to give certain experiences. "Lightness" is one of the experiences she described for breakfast. Fresh fruit in the morning will fill you up and keep you satisfied. She says have 2-3 of that fruit in the morning. It is a mono meal! She wants everyone to experience that satisfying feeling. Mid-morning snack is a handful of soaked nuts. She says take your time and eat them. Savor them. For lunch she says experience satisfaction. Collard greens and peppers is a filling meal. It will give you tons of vitamin c. Brazil nuts are a part of that recipe as well. She has a recipe that includes sunflower seeds, apple, carrots, dijon mustard or mustard powder. The meal she outlines will last for two days and the price will be about six dollars. She says you will be satisfied and you shouldn't be hungry until dinner.

The feeling for dinner she wants you to experience is sensuality. She created.....
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