Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A day of raw #12

Today is the 12th day of my 365 day Raw Food and Fitness Fun Daze CrAzE for 2011 and I don't feel like really eating (lol). This isn't because I feel frustrated or starved or anything like that. I don't feel a need to feed (lol) is all. I a previous post I spoke about being driven to think about food while on the S.A.D. (standard american diet) and today marks a very special certainty within me and that is...

OUR MINDS DICTATE OUR NEED TO FEED when there is no hunger or other physiological reason. I don't think anyone really gives this any thought because we are so caught up in the midst of it. If you have ever been on a diet or situated yourself on a program that focussed on redesigning your eating habits, you have probably come to this realization before. I like to think that everyone has the ability to change unwanted habits. Believe me, if there were a way to get a phD just because you have mastered the ability to change unwanted habits, then I would be FIRST in line (lol). It's difficult but NOT impossible.

So let's get on with my RAW meals for today. Well....I had a salad for lunch (the same one pictured in yesterday's meal). For dinner today, I didn't eat a meal. I wasn't hungry and felt completely satisfied due to having had a few snack periods throughout the day. For my breakfast I slept in (lol). Worked late in the studio with my hubby on our music/entertainment projects (we write t.v. commercials, radio jingles, sitcom theme songs, and music for film). The current project has us making cellphone ringtones...hahahha. More on that later.

I made some absolutely mind blowing Maple coconut-pecan nuggets (Oh the Yum of it all). These were super easy to make but a little time consuming because I actually made it up as I went along (hahaha). I have a video going up on You Tube demonstrating the entire procedure but I must warn you. I use little or no measuring in this video because I have never made them and wasn't following a recipe. I can tell you that I was inspired by the recipe in the book "Raw Food on a Budget" by Brandy Rollins. Her's is called donut holes and when I read it, I thought to myself "Dangit, I don't have all the ingredients to make these." So I thought about it and figured I could make something similar. The rest (as they say) is history...hahaha
Maple coconut-pecan nuggets after dehydrating overnight
The amount I made was only to test them and make sure all the ingredients I wanted gave good flavor. I have the batter in the fridge and will put another dozen in the dehydrator soon.
This is how I presented them to my family..30 minutes later they presented the bowl to me...hahaha

I made a granola treat/cereal after making the nuggets. I make raw granola all the time and the recipe is almost never the same. There are some key ingredients that I like to have but the others are determined by my mood/appetite....hahaha. I love pecans, rasins, and cashews so most of the time those will be present. I eat almonds too (but they are not in my fav's list). In a pinch I will make the granola with almonds as the only nut in the entire batch.

This is my Raw granola. I usually eat it as a snack but it can also be a very filling cereal.

If you look closely you can see that there are 3-tray's filled with granola. I just broke the one large piece into several small pieces to make it easier to eat as a snack or a cereal.

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