Friday, January 21, 2011

A Day of Raw #21

Last night I had a very nice little salad after returning from the gym (did my 1hr cardio and 30-min abs). I also made some RAW meatballs that taste "LIKE OMG!" I got the idea from the way my RAW maple nuggets looked. I made a very nice smoothie yesterday and drank it throughout the day.

RAW dehydrated NO-meatballs.

Still doing work on my websites and eStore so I haven't been able to create as much of my RAW food fun as before. I would like to make a raw lasagna and pizza so stay tuned to this blog page to see how that developes.

Salad with apple chunks, carrot ribbons, and hemp seeds

I am making another batch of my RAW maple nuggets because everyone in the house liked those bad boy's! This time I make them while everyone is out of the house.

Well that's all from me for now, as always I really appreciate you reading my blog page and hope you will return.

-Anjii B

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