Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Day of Raw #22

Well, I have to say...

There is no other way I can put this except to say that this has got to be one of my BEST raw food creations TO DATE!! Now, I'm not saying that I invented the raw meatball, I'm just saying that as long as I have been making raw food dishes for myself (since 2009), I have NOT made as good a dish as this one is.

ALL RAW! NO-MEATballs smothered in gravy on a bed of veggie pasta

I could scarcely put my camera away before I began digging into this RAW wonderment (lol). I actually had plans to use these meatballs in a "mock" pasta dish (spaghetti w/meatballs) but once I saw what my sauce looked like, then tasted it I HAD to develop something a little more creative. Besides, you already saw pics of my "mock-pasta" w/marinara sauce *wink*

My entire meal for this twenty-second day of this 365 day raw journey was the BEST! It was smothered NO-MEATballs on a bed of spiralized yellow squash, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, sweet onions, and carrots. The sauce was a combination of my Green Cheesy sauce and my marinara sauce. Mixed just right they make a "gravy-like" sauce with a wonderful undertone of mild "muenster-like" cheese. That's the best way I can describe the flavors. I mixed only one heaping tablespoon of my Green Cheesy sauce with the marinara. The salad was pretty basic but of course no salad of mine is ever complete without a generous helping of DULCE FLAKES!!!! (lol).

Nice garden salad w/Dulce flakes!

I chopped the last of my romaine lettuce, shredded some carrots, and roughly chopped some tomato. I thinly sliced some red onion and added some raisins. My wonderful dressing was made with EVOO, Nama Shoyu, RAW apple cider vinegar, fresh garlic clove, dried dill weed, dried parsley, and Braggs Sea Kelp seasoning.

Meal #22 - Raw NO-MEATballs w/pasta and veggies, salad

I wanted to eat more just to experience the flavors all over again then I tasted the smoothie.....

TopView: Banana, Stawberry, Orange Smoothie

What a treat that was. More like a desert actually because the flavors were so satisfying. I mean for this time of year in the area that I live none of those fruits are in season. I think that really "blows" because I don't believe I would be able to have any fruit smoothies at all if I organized my raw food journey with the rule that I would ONLY eat what was in season for my area. So my thoughts on that are as follows:

"What's in season for me would be anything that mother nature has allowed to grow on the face of this earth."

My only real reservations to this would be if I had to ONLY eat what was imported and if any animals had to die in order for me to have it (that's extreme, I know, but I believe you get my message). 

My smoothie was delicious and I will make it again during the summer months with FRESH strawberries, oranges and well....bananas are as fresh as they can be expected considering how far they have to travel on a truck in order to arrive in my neighborhood (in an edible manner...hahaha)

Oran-Bana-berry desert smoothie (lol)
What I like about my meals is that I get to name them and I get to re-vamp them anytime I desire. This helps to relieve the inherent boredom that comes along with a restrictive dietary practice. I love my meals and I love creating them...I just gotta spend some time trying to figure out which one I like to do BEST...Hahahaha!

-Anjii B

PS As always, thank you for reading and please feel free to post your comments (positively).

"May the light of a thousand suns gently warm our hearts and soothe the "shivers" of our souls"
- Angelia Buckingham (aka Lyra Lane)


  1. @Adrienne, Thanks so much. It taste as good as it looks too! Feel like making one right now :)