Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Raw Food and Fitness Fun Daze Craze!

For this new year I have added a FaceBook page for this blog. It is called 313HealthyMe and will chronicle my activity for my newest journey entitled:

2011 Raw Food and Fitness Fun Daze CrAzE!

I will discuss things that pertain to raw food and vegan living. My meals will be searchable there and links to videos demonstrating the preparation of my raw food meals will be available as well. With the new year comes a fresh new outlook and new discoveries along the way. Follow this blog and watch as I SHRINK (lol). My diet will help me to align myself with my inner most desire to become the healthiest that I can be. I invite any and all to join me, ask questions, and offer support if you would like. I remain open to new discoveries and welcome the challenges that are ahead.


  1. Seems to be fun, I enjoy eating Vegetables and fruits , will help me to learn about raw food.

  2. @Fitness Freak, it is fun and I agree with you on the joys of eating veggies and fruits. Please come again to enjoy my blogs and see what I am preparing during my raw food journey's in 2011