Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Day of Raw #5

Today I had one of my favorite raw soups for lunch. I sprinkled a generous helping of Raw Cheesy Kale chips on top. This  is an easy meal to make. I love this meal and I find myself eating it throughout the day. I can make a variation of it that is reminiscent of a V-8 juice drink. All the ingredients are fresh and if you are able to grow a garden (check out my Urban Garden) then you could have an Organic tomato soup experience (lol). I also made a wonderful fruit smoothie to enjoy after eating this savory treat. the smoothie was made with frozen wild berries, banana, papaya, and fresh squeezed tangerine. How nice the flavors, how nutritious the meal. If you wold like to have the exact recipe then please check out my You Tube videos and watch how I prepare this meal. It is easy and nutritious too!
Overhead view of my Tropical Berry Fruit smoothie treat

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