Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Day of Raw #6

I have been really enjoying my Raw Food and fitness fun daze craze and last night is a good example. Normally, I enjoy making something in the gourmet category as raw food goes. I like to refer to the gourmet side of raw food as any recipe that requires you to take a food from it's original form and put it into another form like making smoothies, nut butters, cereals, etc. Last night, however, I was so moved by my decision to go raw that I just wanted to eat some veggies unadulterated. I almost never eat my raw food meals like this just because I have so much fun preparing them. I had a different vibe last night. I just cut up some veggies and used a cheese dip that I had prepared earlier along with the last of my tabbouleh salad. It was like having a healthy snack and my cheese sauce was unbelievably delicious too. I thought I should dress them up a bit with some dulce flakes. This is a very quick and nutritious meal. tastes great and feels light on your stomach. Give it a try and add your favorite dip or sauce.

For breakfast I had a wonderful recipe that I created from an inspiration I had during my 2009 100 day raw food and fitness journey. I call my recipe RAW Macada-APPLE cinnamon cereal. It looks like a raisin brand with the crunch if a corn flake and the taste of cinnamon granola treats. Soooooo multi-delicious :-) I snack on it as well as have it for my breakfast along with some chilled FRESH Almond Milk.
FRESH Almond Milk (RAW)
Raw Macada-APPLE cinnamon breakfast cereal

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